Minutes away from Government Shutdown in the United States: Live Updates

There are literally minutes remaining until the United States government could be shut down. A government shutdown is almost inevitable at this point. So when this likely takes place, why did it happen and what will the government shutdown cause?

In the event of a government shutdown, all non-essential offices of the government and employees will close due to the fact that a bi-partisan bill between Republicans and Democrats has not been passed in the Senate thus far. They need to come to a decision on how the federal budget should be spent for the upcoming fiscal year. The fiscal year begins October 30th (which was when the budget was supposed to be decided but they managed a stopgap to now) to September 30th of the next year. The federal budget consists of paying federal employees, agricultural subsidies and the equipment of the U.S. military. The expenses in the federal budget are classified as either mandatory or discretionary spending. Mandatory spending is bound by law including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These can also be known as permanent appropriations. Discretionary spending is approved through individual bills. The federal budget is funded by the tax revenue from United States citizens. It is also strongly worth noting since 2001 the United States has been in a budget deficit since, so any unnecessary spending worsens the debt needed to be resolved through cuts or exponential profit growth.

Main things the government shutdown will affect:

  • Law enforcement recruitment
  • Social Security applications
  • Passport Applications
  • National Parks and Monuments will close
  • Administrative departments and agencies
  • No new loan applications will be processed for small businesses
  • The economy is likely to lose money during the shutdown
  • Banks cannot access income tax records.
  • Veterans benefits and unemployment insurance can be stopped
  • Companies with indirect business with the government can be affected
  • Federal workers are furloughed
  • The overall cost and impact on the economy varies with past shutdowns having an estimate of up to $20 billion

The Post Office, emergency services should continue (Police, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services), intelligence agencies, active military, prison guards, border patrol agents and air traffic controllers will remain active during the shutdown.

Now that I have all the facts which I will admit I learnt for the first time today, the conversation is set on the topic of who is to blame. The obvious answer due to it being a bi-partisan deal, that both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for a government shutdown. Immigration is the hot-button issue that is stopping the bi-partisan bill from going through. I do feel that the Republicans are being very reasonable to the Democrats offering them DACA in return for their border funding which the Democrats are refusing to vote in favour of. At the end of the day, a deal has to happen either way and the Republicans have offered them an olive branch with DACA and the Democrats will not vote for this bill which puts the blame on Democrats in my opinion.

I will post updates on this story as it develops.

Update at Midnight:

It has reached midnight and a bi-partisan bill has not been voted through in the Senate, with 50-49 therefore, the government has shut down.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posts a scathing press release about the Democrats over the bi-partisan bill:

Votes for a delay until February taking place on the Senate Floor.

Bill to fund the federal government until February did not receive the required 60 votes so government services have started shutting down.

Congress in a rare Saturday session to resolve bill due to the government shutdown.

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