Why Everyone Should Support Free Speech

Whether you love Trump or you hate Trump you should support free speech. Free speech gives you the right to speak your opinion whatever that may be which makes it baffling why anyone would oppose free speech. Free speech enables honest discussion and debate to fix things you feel are wrong. Once we start to decide what speech is allowed and disallowed according to the law we are setting a very dangerous precedent.

Imagine a future when the government decides what counts as hate speech. Better yet, imagine we are living in that reality today, and Trump decides that what he feels is hate speech against him, that he has the right to use his presidential power, the full force of the law, against you for your crime. How many journalists do you think would be in prison right now because he feels they reported ‘fake news’ against him?

The beauty of free speech is that you have the right to call people, organisations or institutions out if you think they are doing something wrong, and I or anyone else also has the right to call you out if they feel your observation is unwarranted or false.

If we continue down this path we will end up like North Korea with a dictatorship enforcing the government’s truth compared to a free and honest debate about the issues that plague our concerns.

But why would you support free speech when lots of people that are against free speech because they think it enables and supports ‘hate speech’. That in their minds makes you a racist, sexist, privileged or a bigot. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of what free speech is and why most people support free speech.

Obviously, there are a minority of people that support free speech just because they are racist, sexist, privileged and a bigot but the majority support free speech because they want freedom of expression, ideas and politics.

The bottom line is I fully understand how scary it can be to tell your honest opinions that many people find hateful and offensive but there is another side to that coin of people that agree with you. They are your greatest strength and will help support you in your endeavours to openly support free speech and be honest about your views.

Finally, I want to say this. Even if you disagree with me wholeheartedly, at the very least give other people the respect they deserve even if you venomously disagree with them and maybe have a proper look at their concerns and the commentators they like and just see if your views might change or find some common ground between you and these people and realise that they just might not be the hateful people you thought they were.

To my fellow free speech supporters stay calm, stay respectful to people that disagree with you and stay strong.

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