Milo Yiannopoulos and Roger Stone are in a joint lawsuit against Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos and Roger Stone were banned from Twitter last year for “inflammatory comments” and Milo in particular “inciting hate and abuse” against Leslie Jones.

Milo denies these allegations completely as well as the allegation of calling her racist names as they were made by other people. He fully admits to comments he made, joking about her appearance, such as saying she looks like a man and fat, but find any trash pop culture twitter account and you’ll find the same remarks with their account having never been banned. And to say that Leslie Jones is innocent in this is to deny the truth because you don’t want to see it. Just look at some of her tweets.

And she has the audacity to send this.

Another perfect example of someone with tasteless humour is the ‘comedian’ Chelsea Handler who hasn’t even had her blue tick removed. Just look at what she recently tweeted.

I obviously can’t find the original tweets from a banned account of course but posted this image in their article.

roger stone

These comments are clearly very impolite and hateful but again I have to draw a parallel of many accounts I have seen saying far worse things about Republicans or Trump, and Twitter haven’t batted an eyelid.

I believe the lawsuit was already planned before ‘Project Veritas’ released their videos exposing Twitter but now Milo and Roger’s case is stronger than ever and James O’ Keefe (CEO of ‘Project Veritas’) says they are just getting started.

I will be reporting on the full ‘Project Veritas’ story soon.

Twitter is in very hot water. A couple months ago I would have said no way Milo and Roger would be successful in this lawsuit but now I would be surprised if they are not. Their case is now stronger than ever.

Charles Johnson is also preparing a lawsuit against Twitter for his ban. Milo and Roger are in a joint suit together.

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