Ben Shapiro and Blaire White debate transgender pronouns

10th January 2018 Blaire White (transgender woman) uploaded a debate with Ben Shapiro regarding transgender pronouns. While the debate was interesting and productive, the main reason I have chosen to highlight it is that it made me feel really hopeful to watch two political commentators debating with opposing viewpoints, while being completely respectful to one another and calm.

They were both able to see each other’s viewpoints and Blaire White even stated that context matters greatly in a conversation like this and assumed Ben Shapiro’s opinion or misunderstood it based on the information available before sitting down and having a conversation. This video was also de-monetized by youtube as well as Dave Rubin’s which I discussed in an article the other day.

This something that is massively missed and needed in our culture and politics which has never been more divisive in the western world in a long time. In a culture where the phrase ‘fake news’ is prominent and people are being misquoted, mischaracterized and de-humanised, we need to be more vigilant, think more before we make judgments and more open to different viewpoints and opinions without labelling each other horrendous things without hard evidence, because if we don’t we will run ourselves into the ground.

You can watch the 15-minute debate below.



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