Dave Rubin and Logan Paul: The State Of YouTube

The hypocrisy of YouTube and its preferential treatment to certain creators, has been evident for a while now but the dichotomy of the situations with Logan Paul who creates vlogs aimed at a younger audience and Dave Rubin, famous for ‘The Rubin Report’ truly shows how corrupt YouTube has become.

On the 2nd January 2018 Logan Paul uploaded a vlog of him and his friends going to the forest famously called ‘Suicide Forest’ as people go there to commit suicide in Japan. During the vlog, Logan and his friends stumbled upon a dead body hung from a tree, he continued to film and react in a humorous way to the situation which many people found extremely insensitive and eventually finally called the authorities. This video stayed on YouTube for hours monetized while being the number 1 trending video on YouTube and number 1 trending topic on Twitter. Hours later after he was called out for this by many people Logan Paul himself, not YouTube, took the video down. The video was never de-monetized by YouTube the whole time it was up when it unequivocally falls under YouTube’s ineligibility for monetization under their video monetization criteria as seen below. Please refer to ‘Examples of content that would NOT be eligible for monetization’.


Having watched this video and others uploaded by Logan Paul it is very clear that they wanted those clips of the dead guy to shock you and create conversation. The rest of the video was very uneventful, with the suicide forest clips being the whole point of the video, and the only clips of any discernible interest. I have watched other videos by Logan Paul that have much more interest, in general, the whole way through, which makes this suicide forest video’s intent crystal clear.

‘The Rubin Report’ interviews many different controversial and influential people from YouTubers to political commentators.

On the 3rd January 2018, Dave Rubin owner of ‘The Rubin Report’ uploaded an interview with famous political commentator Ben Shapiro discussing many different topics with very mainstream conservative views. I have also watched the whole interview lasting 2 hours and 29 minutes linked below.

Hours after the video was live YouTube demonetized the video stating it as ‘Not suitable for most advertisers’.

Having consumed a lot of Ben Shapiro content I can safely say this was one of the tamest interview/debates on his side I have seen so it is completely unreasonable that YouTube demonetized the video. The fact that an extremely polite and intellectual interview/debate of ideas was deemed unsuitable for advertisers just on that fact alone is ridiculous but when you keep in mind how long Logan Paul’s suicide forest video was kept monetized with no action or comment from YouTube before Logan Paul took it down himself is staggering and gives you a clear picture of the hypocrisy of YouTube. ‘The Rubin Report’ interview with Ben Shapiro was eventually re-monetized after Dave Rubin fought the de-monetization but the fact is was even de-monetized in the first place is unacceptable.

This is nothing new though but there has never been anything before that has shown the dichotomy of YouTube’s attention to the right and wrong things in such a short space of time. I hope YouTube starts to learn where their actual respectful content creators lie instead of letting slide their current content creators who are making the most views with harmful values.


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